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The professional copy writing services we provide will give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed in a rapidly changing market.  Our attention to detail, quality, fast turnaround times and the ability to accurately portray your ideas and value to your audience will go a long way to setting you apart from your competitors.

When you hire AA&M in any capacity, be it for a copy writing project, content creation, sales and marketing strategy, technical writing assignment or for general consulting, you are getting a dedicated partner that truly wants you to succeed.  It may sound trite, but your success is our success.  When we craft the words that tell the world who you are and why you are their choice, it reflects on us as well.  We take pride and a sense of ownership of our work, even when it belongs solely to you.  Your satisfaction and profitable growth is important to us, and our number one priority.

Writing Quality Business Plans

When you are starting out, especially when you are seeking investors and partners, the ability to clearly outline and explain your plan of action is vital.  We will work with you to create a complete and effective business plan that will make a strong impact on those who read it.  Planning is one of the most important keys to success, and we will help you do it right from the beginning.

Creating Effective Copy for Advertising and Marketing Printed Materials

When you print a brochure, pamphlet, postcard, signage, billboards, catalog or even a business card, the quality and impact of the text is critical.  You often have a small amount of words to work with, and subsequently, those words must be carefully considered.  With copy writing, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it the best possible impression?  We will ensure that the content that appears on your printed advertising and marketing materials is of the highest quality and will get their attention.

High Impact Website Content

In today’s world, a website is one of the most effective and versatile business tools at your command.  It is often the first real interaction your business will have with a customer.  It’s essential that the content that appears on your web pages meets several criteria.

  1. It is search engine friendly and gives your site the maximum advantage in search results
  2. It is written so that the human reader, the most important reader, is influenced and made to understand who you are and what you offer
  3. It is compelling and does everything possible to convert the visitor to a paying customer


We have had many years of experience with this, and will lend all of our knowledge and expertise to you.  This means top-notch text, search engine optimized for best results and influential presentation of your products services and your value points.

Optimized Articles, blogs and press Releases

Off-site SEO is a critical component in marketing.  The forefront of this technique is the publishing of articles, blogs and press releases.  Of course, this is hardly the whole list, but these three broad categories are highly effective as long as they are written well.

In the world of the web, good writing is not just interesting to us, the person reading it.  It must also appeal to Google, yahoo and Bing.  It means that each published article, blog or press release must be optimized for search engines (SEO) as well as the reader.  Even further, because this type of content is easily syndicated, it must further be compelling enough for other webmasters to want to publish it on their own sites.  This not only exponentially increases your readership, but provides vital optimized back links.

Let us write your online marketing materials and informational articles, blog posts and press releases and you will have a tremendous impact on the web.

Prepare your Crowd Funding campaign for maximum success

Crowd Funding can be one of the most effective ways to help launch a new small business. it not only allows an entrepreneur to raise a fairly substantial amount of seed capital, it also gives people a chance to be a part of something new and exciting.

One of the most important keys to crowd funding is the presentation. Every Crowd Funding portal will inform you as to the legal documents that you need. Those are, in a sense, easy. But when you combine professional copywriting with your vision, you create a compelling and engaging pitch that will draw in the investors you need to succeed.

We know what it takes to put together a successful CF campaign and we will help you to produce all the documents you need to do it right. From your business plan to the financials, and most importantly, to the offering pitch that will get the Crowd excited about you.

Technical White papers

White papers still represent a substantial portion of business copy writing.  Although these tend to be far more technical than artistic in their presentations, there is still room for finesse.  A technical white paper can still be written in a way that appeals to the emotional side of the reader as well as their technical side.  And the reality is, people buy and invest when there is an emotional connection, for the most part.

We have had a great deal of experience with this, and can write for any type of business.  We will do whatever research is required and turn your raw framework into a vibrant and effective document.

Email Marketing Content

Create effective email blasts, informational pieces and auto-responders with our quality copy writing services.  We’ll create content that is accurate, interesting and informative.  The versatility of email covers the full range of sales and marketing efforts, and AA&M will provide you with the best copy possible.

Radio or TV Advertising Copy

Although visual and audio mediums like TV and radio rely on a more direct form of communication to the customer, high-impact copy writing is still a necessary component.  Like any other form of communication, writing the copy for advertising requires a special blend of entertainment, conveyance of ideas and a time limit.  With our experience in the broadcasting field and years of writing copy, Advantage Advertising and Marketing can help you to craft powerfully effective commercials to grow your business and bring in customers.

Video Scripts

Are you posting videos to YouTube?  Are you creating a sales and marketing video to promote your company?  Are you thinking of creating educational videos?  Then let us help you plan and write the scripts to give your work the most engaging effect on your audiences.  We can help you plan and write scripts for any form of video.

Social Media and Discussion Forum Postings

The social aspect of the web is one of the best places to spread and gather influence.  With well-written copy for postings on Facebook, Twitter and any number of discussion forums, you can attract the attention of many interested customers, fans and partners.

Anything you Desire

It’s difficult to enumerate all the possible copy writing scenarios you may require.  We’ve only touched on a few here.  Although there are many more areas in which we can produce effective copy, such as eBooks, ghost writing, creative writing, presentational scripts, correspondence and reports, we do not limit the range of what we can do for you.

No matter what you’re professional copy writing needs, AA&M will be there to produce them quickly, affordably and at the highest possible level of quality.  Simply get in touch with us and let us know what your needs are and we will fill them in a way that will satisfy both your budget and your goals for success.

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