We are honored to showcase these clients

Some of Our Valued Clients and Partners


Independant music label. Promote and publish as well as produce for local and up and coming musical artists

Services we have provided:

Have provided website content as well as online writing and marketing services

"This company has been a wealth of information and support. When you can find someone who really cares, you hang on to them."
--Ramsa Aleem

Phone: 407-923-1092
E-mail: ram.omniclef@gmail.com
Website: http://www.omniclef.com

Pipedrive Sales Pipeline Academy

This was a very exciting project. A series of 11 emails that constitutes a complete and salary-changing course in sales. Very powerful and effective and totally free.

Services we have provided:

We wrote the course based on an outline provided by the client. With a solid back and forth we worked together to edit a very powerful and readable 22 day email course for anyone who wants to improve their sales or business skills.

"Scott did a great job. He had a great work flow and was very good about editing and exchanging ideas to get the emails just where we wanted them." --Andrus Purde

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/sales-pipeline-academy

4E Media

A powerful and very experienced multi-media development firm. With decades of experience, this company turns out top quality websites, graphics design, 3D and motion graphics, as ell as fantastic video production.

Services we have provided:

4e is one of our valued development partners. They provide our design and development services and we provide them with online and off-line marketing strategy, active postings, copy writing and we have a great working relationship.

"Scott is not only a business associate, he's a friend. We have worked together for many years and they have been enjoyable and profitable. It's nice to have someone to not only work with, but help me and my clients out as well."
-- Eugenio Ribeiro

Phone: (407) 226-0222
E-mail: ishana@ishanadas.com
Website: http://www.4emedia.com

indraSolutions LLC

IndraSol provides mobile cloud application development and oracle EPm consulting services.

Services we have provided:

We provided all website content and ongoing internet marketing, writing and SEO consulting services.

"Scott really did a great job for us. His writing captured our voice and expresses our business in a dynamic and engaging way."--Brahma Gupta

Phone: (510) 754-2001
Website: http://www.indrasol.com

Architects Services - Leeds

A UK-based architectural services website based in Leeds. Site matches architects and their firms to projects based on a wide variety of criteria.

Services we have provided:

We created the website content which took careful examination and research.

"Scott did a great job, even went above and beyond to research specific technical aspects. Thanks and good work" --Iwan Drago

Phone: 0113 347 1242
E-mail: info@architectsleeds.net
Website: http://architectsleeds.net/

Magicpay Merchant Services

A full-service merchant account provider specializing in mobile merchant services, eco-friendly services and more

Services we have provided:

We are providing press release writing and other copywriting services for them.

"Scott has done a great job and we are glad to have AA&M on our team" -- Rami Levi

Phone: (855) 891-2600
E-mail: info@magicpay.net
Website: http://www.magicpay.net

Calumet Rentals

A high-quality, innovative web-based video and photo equipment rental service.

Services we have provided:

They needed quality content for the website, their company policies, advertising and marketing copy as well. Maintaining an ongoing relationship.

"Scott did a fantastic job. he really got our concept and created content and copy that is certainly worthy of our name." --Joel Stern

Phone: 888-375-6700
E-mail: info@calumetrentals.com
Website: http://www.calumetrentals.com

Park Lifestyles

park Lifestyles is a complete resource of local dining, shopping, entertainment, events and community information for the central florida area. A dynamic and growing website with far-reaching growth potential.

Services we have provided:

We built the site in 2007 in our previous company and now we are re-vitalizing the site with SEO, internet marketing and active participation in construction and copy. This is a full-service project with website design, copy writing, link building, social media marketing and general internet marketing

"Scott is more than just a contractor, he is an invaluable part of the park Lifestyles company and concept."--Clay Delaney

Phone: n/a
E-mail: info@parklifestyles.com
Website: http://www.parklifestyles.com

Junk It Florida

A salvage and wholesale auto dealer. They buy used cars and junk cars and recycle them.

Services we have provided:

Created copy for the website

"Great job, we worked well together." -- Cheves

Phone: (954) 358-4879
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.junkitflorida.com

Better Care Systems

Providing a fully-comprehensive set of IT support services for the medical and dental industry. Rapidly growing and very professional company.

Services we have provided:

Provided professional copywriting services for a large number of pages on the site, with ongoing writing and consulting services as well.

"AA&M did a great job in both understanding our company and what we do as well as putting it into compelling words." -- Mike Dillon

Phone: 800.757.4028
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.bettercaresystems.com

Shutter Eaze

Makes automated plantation shutters and is strongly focused on home automation and IOT

Services we have provided:

Wrote 12 blog posts and maintaining ongoing copywriting relationship

"Scott worked very fast and the quality of his writing was great. The articles were both informative as well as engaging and often humorous." -- Connor Shore

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.shuttereaze.com/blog.php

Glorium Technologies

A highly advanced IT support and development firm. glorium specializes in providing hybrid outsourcing solutions to provide customers with maximum development resources at lower costs.

Services we have provided:

Wrote the website content and created large brochure whitepaper. Continuing to provide copywriting services.

"Scott went above and beyond to understand us, our customers and what we needed. He did several revisions until the final product was perfect." -- Andre

Phone: (888) 354-0883
E-mail: contact@gloriumtech.com
Website: http://www.gloriumtech.com

GJD Investments

A D.C., Maryland, Virginia area real estate investment firm. They buy and flip, buy and rent and rehab properties.

Services we have provided:

Wrote and installed content for their website.

"It was a real pleasure to work with Scott and we look forward to future projects together." --Georgia Hampton

Phone: (443) 380-0185
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.webuybaltimorerealestate.com

Renov8t Custom Renovations

A Canada-based custom home renovation construction company. Providing high-quality work with expert skill, strict work ethic and outstanding results

Services we have provided:

We wrote all content for the site and will be assisting this company with continued SEO

"Scott really turned my thoughts into vibrant content. I swing a hammer for a living and it was great to have somebody to help me express just how much I care about my company and my customers" --Dan King

Phone: (604.736.6888
E-mail: info@renov8t.com
Website: http://www.renov8t.com/about/

Saving Grace investments

A full-service property management firm in Arizona

Services we have provided:

We are providing writing services through Panasall for this company and it's affiliates

They did a great job of wording our thoughts and feelings on our company and how we view our clients

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.savinggraceinvestments.com/chandler-arizona-property-management/

Unicity Team Get your Why

An MLM health product company. Did the work for an individual business owner.

Services we have provided:

Created a landing page and sales page combo. Also created ads and emails for further marketing.

"Great work, we are already seeing strong conversions. Thanks, Scott!" -- Makhesh Kumar

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.teamgetyoury.com

Chaddy Boom

Chaddy is An up and coming independant artist out of Orlando, FL. With her unique poppish rockish sound, which is a mix of rock, pop and hip hop, Chaddy is well on her way to major stardom

Services we have provided:

We provide weekly blog writing for Chaddy, as well as monthly article marketing and online and traditional advertising and marketing consultation

"I am very impressed by Scott's ability to write. not only can he get my ideas and feelings across to my readers, but he does so in my own voice."
--Chaddy Boom

E-mail: chaddyboom@gmail.com
Website: http://www.chaddyboom.com


A powerful odor eliminating product that uses chlorine-dioxide to oxidize odors and what causes them.

Services we have provided:

SEO research and full website content creation and research

"Scott took the threads of what I wanted and formed them into great copy and really helped me get the site off the ground. Customers are responding very well to the content and I could not be happier" --Peter Goldberg

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.eliminizer.com

Stratos Video

An aerial video and photography company specializing in high-definition and unique aerial video and imagery. With skilled pilots as well as unique remote controlled aircraft, Stratos can get the most innovative and impressive shots for film, news, sports and private projects.

Services we have provided:

We provided SEO content for the site and are continueing to advise and assist with content creation, professional writing and internet marketing

"Thanks to AA&M for their great writing and continued support and quality of work" --Tim

Phone: 888-454-0073
E-mail: info@stratosvideo.com
Website: http://www.stratosvideo.com


BiggiFi is a revolution in mobile computing. This unique wireless device turns any HDMI TV into a giant smart tablet. Fast, reliable and multi-user, a very affordable and innovative new product.

Services we have provided:

We have written several sales pages for this new company as well as continuing copywriting services and press releases

"An awesome job for our awesome project"

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.biggifi.com

Orders2me SAAS

A Full-service online ordering system for local restaurants. Very well considered and powerful for their clients. Combines web and mobile ordering systems as well as built in marketing tool

Services we have provided:

Wrote all website content and additional content forthcoming. Consulted on SEO, marketing and other topics to help them launch.

"I really appreciate Scott's help. We went well beyond just talking about the writing. We did some great brainstorming and he really has a great deal of knowledge on sales and marketing." --Rafi Cohen

Phone: 212-586-8198
E-mail: rafi@orders2.me
Website: http://www.orders2.me

Pixelat Arabic Translation / SEO

An Arabic translation and SEO company specializing in normalizing other languages into Arabic. They also take this service into the realm of SEO

Services we have provided:

Provided several pages of content for their website

"AA&M did a great job and we thank them" --Kag Gosh

Website: http://www.pixelat.co.il

Forte Technology Resources

Forte is a full service consulting firm for Lawson and Kronos. They provide third party training, software service, installation and maintenance, evaluations, workshops and many other services to those companies who use these human resource management systems.

Services we have provided:

We continue to provide Forte with search engine optimization, article writing and marketing, an ongoing link building program, social media marketing, and some limited advertising. We also constructed the website and the videos they use.

"not only do they go above and beyond, but Advantage Advertising and Marketing really gets involved. When we work together, I really feel like they are a part of my business. It's a real working relationship that I find both beneficial and enjoyable."
--David Lucas

Phone: (407) 295-5787
E-mail: info@forte-corp.com
Website: http://www.forte-corp.com

Medical and Fitness Centres

A group of full-service medical clinics in the New South Wales area of Australia

Services we have provided:

Created the content for the website including SEO and meta information

"Scott did a great job and is always available for questions." -- Sami Kahn

Phone: 02 4736 6567
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://medicalfitness.com.au/

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