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Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

The Power of Copy Writing and Content Creation

While we have and continue to provide internet marketing and business consulting services to our various clients, Advantage Advertising and Marketing’s primary focus is on providing top-quality content.  This content, in the form of copy writing, internet content, articles, printed material, business plans, technical writing and advertising & marketing copy stands at the forefront of our effectiveness.

This is because, to put it simply, the written content that you publish represents the front-line of your business’ growth, profitability and success.  With no exception, even considering video and audio, the quality of your copy writing will have the greatest non-person to person impact on the future of your endeavors.  Even video and audio marketing requires a writer or writers to craft the appropriate scripts to maximize the effectiveness of what is being presented.

AA&M is here to provide you with the sharpest, strongest and most powerful tool to ensure that when you present ideas and information to your audiences, that it has the greatest effect and longest-lasting reach conceivable.  We will work diligently to understand you, what you want to say and to whom it is being said.  Every piece of writing we create, be it a web page, a blog entry, a brochure, a white paper, a business plan, an ad piece or a script will accurately and effectively engage your reader, watcher or listener and give them every reason possible to think of your company, products and services as the best choice they can make.

Our Mission

Our number one goal is to become an invaluable resource in your journey to business success.  We believe very strongly in entrepreneurship, small business and business in general, no matter how large or small.  We take great pride in assisting new entrepreneurs in starting out and breaking into the market, in working with established small companies in their ongoing efforts to grow and take an active role in commerce and in developing content and material for large companies that effect us all.

When we take on a project and start the copy writing process, create content or consult with you, we view the relationship as a personal one.  We desire nothing more than that the work we do for you helps you to succeed.  When you choose to work with Advantage Advertising and marketing, you will always get more than you paid for.  You can count on quality, sincerity, professionalism and a level of dedication that will make you proud.

We have been providing professional copy writing services for many years now, and hope that on your next content creation project, you will consider working with us.  We look forward to serving you.

AA&M In The Press

Our newest press release outlining the details of the launch of our How to Make Money as a Freelance Copywriter eLearning course. A practical, step by step guide to help new and experienced writers master their craft and immediately begin making money.

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