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Are you getting traffic to your website but not enough sales or even sign-ups?  Would you like to double the number of people engaging with your company?

There is a way to drive more traffic and to get more of those visitors to take action! When you create a powerful and compelling sales funnel, you push interested customers through a series of ever more compelling messages until they are ready to buy.  If it’s done right, you see incredible results and a return on your copywriting investment that will blow you away.

You may not like this next statement, but it’s true – customers don’t care about buying your product or service – they care about buying solutions!

If you can offer them results, relief, happiness, comfort, luxury or any other pleasant thing they desire, then you can get yourself a new customer!

I want to help you make this a reality.  I’ll create a custom sales funnel just for you complete with:

  • 3 AdWords ads targeted to your audience
  • 3 ads that you can publish anywhere on the web
  • A high-converting landing page that calls the visitor to buy or to give you their name and email, whichever you prefer – or both!
  • A sales page that closes the deal.


If you doubled the number of sales you made over the next year from my copywriting, would you split the profits with me?  How many sales does that mean?  Isn’t twice the revenue worth a good sales commission?

Well, I want to make you a special offer now – For only $299, I’ll create this effective sales funnel for you.  Imagine what you can earn for this small investment.  How long is my copy good for – as long as you want!

Invest in the custom AA&M sales funnel now and begin reaping the rewards of the smartest and most profitable decision you ever made for your business today!

Yes, I want my custom sales funnel now!

Just tell me a little about your company and I’ll get you on the fast track to success!

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Direct response Copywriting Equals Profitable Business

It’s all about conversion – turning that website visitor into a customer, getting that important potential client to call you after reading your sales letter, impressing a business with a technical paper so that they hire your firm or just getting someone to do something that brings them closer to you - that's direct response copywriting

When you reach out into the world and connect with your customers, employees, partners and investors, you want the words that you use to have the greatest impact possible, right?

Whether text, an audio podcast or a video, it’s copywriting that reaches through the invisible space between you and the person on the other side and engages their interest and compels them to take action.  You want your reader, listener or viewer to feel as though you’re talking directly to them, that you understand their wants, needs and problems and that you are offering them a real solution.  This is what we do for you.

We take our years of experience, our understanding of what customers want and our personal dedication to your success and create powerful, engaging and profitable copy and content for you.  Your success is our success and we add that special spark to your words that takes ordinary information and makes it irresistible.

We use Words to Add $$$ to your Business


When you hire us, you want us to make you money.  Plain and simple. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to take even the vaguest of ideas and transform them into compelling and powerful content that converts.

In addition to the traditional areas of writing that include sales and marketing materials, business plans, manuals, ad copy, white papers and letters, there is a whole new world of electronic media out there as well.  The internet and mobile communication offers you an incredible opportunity to publish effective copy that can exponentially increase your effectiveness and skyrocket your profits.

The electronic mediums provide you the ability to write articles, blogs, emails, website content, text messages, press releases, eBooks, social media posts and newsletters.  While hardly the complete list, you can see the enormous range of opportunity to publish information about you and what you offer.  With the right copywriting services, you have the ability to take full advantage of these markets and vastly increase your company’s influence and cash flow. 

The time to invest in and truly profit from professional copywriting is now!  Get in touch with us today and see how quickly and effectively your content can increase your revenues.

Professional Copywriting Services That Benefit you

Our job is to help make you money by providing only the best, most effective and cost-feasible copywriting services possible.  We take the seed of an idea and turn it into an effective piece of writing and we turn an already existing bit of content into a winner.

Our professional copywriting services include:

The difference between just getting the job done and excelling is often a fine line.  Let us put our professional copywriting expertise to work for you so that no matter what direction your business' copy writing takes, you’re always on the profitable side of that line.  With us at your side , the words you publish will do more than just let them know who you are, they’ll connect with your audience and let them know why you are the best choice.

Some of Our Happy and Successful Professional Copywriting clients

4E Media
Visit 4E Media

A powerful and very experienced multi-media development firm. With decades of experience, this company turns out top quality websites, graphics design, 3D and motion graphics, as ell as fantastic video production.

Services we have provided:

4e is one of our valued development partners. They provide our design and development services and we provide them with online and off-line marketing strategy, active postings, copy writing and we have a great working relationship.

"Scott is not only a business associate, he's a friend. We have worked together for many years and they have been enjoyable and profitable. It's nice to have someone to not only work with, but help me and my clients out as well."
-- Eugenio Ribeiro

Phone: (407) 226-0222

Architects Services - Leeds
Visit Architects Services - Leeds

A UK-based architectural services website based in Leeds. Site matches architects and their firms to projects based on a wide variety of criteria.

Services we have provided:

We created the website content which took careful examination and research.

"Scott did a great job, even went above and beyond to research specific technical aspects. Thanks and good work" --Iwan Drago

Phone: 0113 347 1242

Most Recent Professional Copywriting Blog Posts

Scribbler's Corner

What is Direct Response Copywriting and How Does it make you Money?

Monday, August 18th, 2014
By: Scott Cook

Do you find writing, especially writing related to your business a bit confusing?  After all, there are so many kinds of writing: content writing, eBook writing, copywriting, direct response copywriting, email writing, etc.

As most aggressive business people now know, content marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing available today.  This is due to several factors, including the readily available sources for publishing information, the low cost and the seemingly ravenous appetites that consumers have for useful custom-written content.

This is where the writing categories can be confusing.  For example, what’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?  And even more than that – what’s the difference between copywriting and direct response copywriting.  As a business owner interested in marketing yourself to your customers, you need to know the difference.

Exactly what is direct response copywriting?

Let’s start with copywriting and direct response copywriting.  IN the broadest sense, these two things are not different.  Copywriting, unlike content writing, is designed to directly engage the reader, listener or viewer and persuade them to do something.  A radio ad or a billboard or a postcard in the mail are forms of copywriting.  The words used in these ads are designed to sell a product or service, or at least get us to pick up the phone or visit a website.

So, direct response copywriting is just an extension of this idea.  All of the things I mentioned above are good forms of direct response copywriting.  In essence, DRC is writing that quickly engages the audience, hits them hard with powerful copy and then calls them to action.  DRC uses all the good elements of copywriting, such as benefits-driven information, powerful and magnetic headlines, it offers proof and is oriented toward the person reading, seeing or hearing the copy.

Direct response copywriting (DRC) is simply finely tuned and highly focused copywriting that is designed to get the person on the receiving end to do something.  It’s that simple.

You grab their attention with a strong headline, create interest by identifying with your prospect and their needs and wants, generate desire by offering them something that exactly fits what they really want and then call them to take action now!

This is widely used online when a business has a specific product or service to sell.  You might create a set of Google AdWords that drive traffic to what’s called a landing page.  This landing page is a piece of DRC that grabs the visitor and guides them toward a buy now button or a short form where they can enter their name and email and go to the next step.

In these cases, you not only send them to a sales page, which is sort of another DRC that closes the deal, you also get their name and email added to your list for future marketing.

Any business that really wants to thrive today, and really wants to take advantage of content marketing should be engaging in direct response copywriting.  Combined with content writing for your blog, publishing articles and newsletters, direct response copywriting has an amazing effect on your cash flow.

Yes, a good direct response copywriter will cost you (or should) maybe $100 an hour or more, the few short hours you pay for have tremendous and very long-term effects on your profits.

Imagine a $300 to $500 investment in a set of ads, a landing page and sales page combo that began working for your business for months or even years to come.  Great DRC could conceivably bring in hundreds of sales!  Not bad for a few hundred bucks, huh?Share | View All Entries | 0 Comments | Add Comment

The power of the Landing Page Increase Sales, Capture leads and Focus Your Marketing

Friday, July 18th, 2014
By: Scott Cook

Have you ever heard about someone putting up a landing page for their company?  Have you ever seen a short, 1 page website that focused only on a single topic and then asked you to do something?

This is what landing pages do and they’re incredibly effective for growing your email list, capturing leads, selling products and returning real value on your investment.

Why are landing page so powerful?

One of the most important factors that makes a good landing page work is that it’s very tightly focused.  Unlike a website’s homepage, where you talk in general terms about your company, a landing page discusses only one topic and one set of benefits related to that topic.  In this way, you immediately grab the visitor’s attention, briefly showcase your offer and then call them to action.

Because of this strong focus, it’s also much easier to market a landing page.  For example, suppose your company provides mobile application development services.  Well, that covers quite a bit of territory.  However, let’s also suppose that you are offering a special deal to develop a convenient, customized iOS and Android app for restaurant owners that they can give away to their customers.  The app offers discounts, push notifications, etc. etc.

So now, instead of trying to get search traffic for mobile app development, you can focus on a very specific niche.  You can research keywords and find a good specialized set of search criteria and then create ppc ads, back links, social media posts and so on that send targeted traffic to your landing page.

If the page is well-written and well-designed, you can expect a pretty high conversion rate.  And that’s what it’s all about – converting visitors into customers.

How to create a good landing page

The science behind effective landing pages is a bit complex and does take some time and skills to master.  As a direct response copywriter, I specialize in this type of sales-oriented copy.  When you combine compelling copy with a good visual presentation, the effects can be very profitable.

Without going into long detail, a high-converting landing page should have several key elements:

  • Tight and pleasing design

  • High-quality professional copy that’s created by someone who knows how to sell and connect with visitors

  • A single proposition

  • A strong focus on benefits over features

  • A call to action – this can be used to collect a name and email, either by itself or on the way to a sales page.


For an investment of a few hundred dollars to write the copy and design the page, a landing page can return financial rewards to you for a very long time, even years.  With a good design, great copy and a focused marketing push, you can create a number of landing pages to showcase any number of your products and services and take advantage of the huge digital marketplace.

So the next time you’re thinking of new ways to market your business, consider creating a high-converting landing page.

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