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How Writing helps You Sell 2 Examples of How Professional Copywriting Can Directly Effect your Revenue

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
By: Scott Cook

If you’re a business person or a sales person, you know that the first impression you make on a customer can often be what finally gets them to buy from you.  Although there is a process in sales, this very first contact is often the lynch pin, even after an extended period of time.

As we know, writing is one of the first ways in which we connect with potential customers.  Not just text, of course, but our videos (scripts), or audio programs (scripts) or even info graphics.  Our words are what we use to convince people.  And a professional copywriter is someone who knows how to create effective and persuasive words.

As an example of what I mean, let’s examine two sides of the coin.  We’ll create a fictitious example of a company that sells website design services.  Each sample is a brief paragraph of sales copy meant to convince a potential customer to hire our company.  One will be an effective use of professional copywriting and the other will be a bad example.  See if you can tell the difference, and which one is good and which one will convert far fewer readers into customers:

Example 1:

WebProNetCom is an exceptionally qualified website design and promotion company with more than 4 years’ experience in the industry.  We produce top-quality websites for businesses like yours and can ensure that they perform well in search engine results.

We provide services in website design, SEO, social media marketing and graphics design.  We strive to be the best in our industry and would appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk with us about your next website project.

Example 2:

It’s a well-established fact that more than 97% of your customers are online searching for information about you.

Whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, today’s customer is using the internet to locate, research and share information about their buying habits, preferences and choices.  If they’re out there, doesn’t it make sense that they find you?

WebProNetCom specializes in creating dynamic websites for business just like yours.  We quickly and affordably construct an internet and mobile business presence for you that allows you to connect with your customers online, through social media and directly to their mobile devices.

Our goal is to make you number one.  We’ll use our years of experience in social media promotion, search engine optimization, visually appealing graphics design, professional copywriting and personalized support to ensure that your business gets all the traffic and attention it deserves and then some!

Tap into the digital market today and let us assist you in growing your company’s reputation and revenue.   Your success is our priority and we go that extra mile to make sure they know your name!

Now, after reading these two bits of copy, which one do you think will get more customers?  Is it #1 or #2?  To some degree, this might seem like a matter of opinion.  But it’s #2.  Want to know why?  Get in touch with me and I can illustrate how this kind of writing can help you.

The short answer, however, is that #2 speaks to the needs of the customer and shows them why WebProNetCom is their best choice.  This copy is about the customer’s needs and wants, not about the web designer’s.

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The Key to all Sales Connect with Their WHY

Thursday, March 20th, 2014
By: Scott Cook

If you’re in sales or run your own business, you want every potential customer you approach to be a sale.  We all know that this will never happen, but there are ways to improve the chances.

For a more detailed plan of action on sales success, see my previous post.  But for this short article, let’s talk about one key to sales that will help you improve your closing rate.

Connect with the prospect’s needs and wants

As usual, I’m going to put a professional copywriting slant on this.  Surprised?  Well, I’m a professional copywriter, so sue me.  In addition, though, I’m also an entrepreneur.

I don’t just write, I have to sell myself to potential clients.  Then when I land a deal with them, I have to turn around and use my professional copywriting skills to help them sell their products, services or ideas.  So no matter which way you turn it, I’m in sales above everything else.

If you read the right books, and you look back at your own positive sales experience, you’ll see that the best sales people are the best listeners.  The star sales person or most successful entrepreneur are not the ones that badger you to death.  They listen to what a customer has to say, reads between the lines and figures out what they feel and then presents a solution that meets the person or company’s needs and wants.

Remember, people buy benefits, not features.  Every product I write about, service I comment on or business plan I help to create has features.  But more importantly, they’re trying to convince the reader, listener or watcher that what the company is offering is the solution that’s best.

So the best sales people, sales copy, marketing material and whatever else will be based on connecting with an emotional need.  Big companies sign deals with smaller companies because the small guy can make the big guy more money, not because the small guy has a nice list of bullet points.  Individuals buy things because it makes them happy, makes their life easier or maybe shuts somebody up lol.

The point is, whether your hiring a professional copywriter, speaking with a client or both, ask leading questions, listen carefully and address the prospect’s real WHY.  If you do this, you’ll see remarkable results.

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Professional copywriting services by a professional copy writer

The Selling Power of Your Words

It’s a little ironic that in today’s electronically dominated world of mobile devices, email and the internet that professional copywriting is still so critical to a company’s success.  Indeed, now more than ever the ability to create high-impact, authentic and effective copy is more important because of all the available mediums.

The ability for you to present yourself and your business’ products and services in an engaging, laudible and influential way is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success.  Whether it’s writing unique website content, powerful sales pages, effective printed material, superior whitepapers, detailed & accurate business plans or great advertising copy, the words you use to inform and engage the reader can make the difference between a profitable company and one that flounders simply because it doesn’t express itself well due to the lack of professional copywriting.

Anyone can write to some degree.  The real trick is not just saying something, but knowing how to say it effectively so that it has the best chance to positively influence a potential customer, employee, partner or investor to make the choice to work with your company. This is the difference that a professional copywriter can make and that is our specialty. We can not only work with you on exactly what you should write, but how it should be written to convert the reader, listener or viewer into a paying customer, effective employee or satisfied investor and partner.

How Professional Copywriting Services Can make you Money

The long and short of it is, you want to hire a professional copywriter to create exceptional content that in the end, makes you money.  That’s where we come in.  We have the skills, experience and knowledge to take even the vaguest of ideas and transform them into compelling, totally original and powerful text, audio or visual content.

In addition to the traditional areas of professional copywriting that include sales and marketing materials, business plans, manuals, ad copy, white papers and letters, there is a whole new world of electronic media out there as well.  The internet and mobile communication offers a business an incredible opportunity to publish compelling copy that can exponentially increase your effectiveness and skyrocket your profits.

The electronic mediums provide you the ability to write articles, blogs, emails, website content, text messages, press releases, eBooks, social media posts and newsletters.  While hardly the complete list, you can see the enormous range of opportunity to publish information about you and what you offer.  With the right professional copywriting services, you have the ability to take full advantage of these markets and vastly increase your company’s growth, influence and cash flow.  With SEO and links, most of the electronic media provide a permanent and growth-oriented method for attracting attention, driving traffic and growing a large and active customer base.

What We do for You

Our job, simply put, is to help make you money by providing only the best, most effective and professional copywriting services possible.  We can take the seed of an idea and turn it into an effective piece of writing and we can turn an already existing bit of copy into a winner.

Our professional copywriting services include:

The difference between just getting the job done and excelling is often a fine line.  Let us put our professional copywriting expertise to work for you so that no matter what direction your business' copy writing takes, you’re always on the profitable side of that line.  With a professional copywriter at your side , the words you publish will do more than just let them know who you are, they’ll connect with your audience and let them know why you are the best choice.

What We Do not Do

It is just as important for us to make a finer distinction for you about our professional copywriting services.   As you are aware, there are many copywriters out there.  More so than ever before thanks to the internet.

So what is different about us?  Why are we the right choice to craft the words that will make you money?  Aside from what we mentioned already, our attention to detail, our careful analysis of your company, your goals and your voice, we would like to share a few things that we do not do.

  • We do not spin content.  All the professional copywriting we will produce for you will be 100% original and custom-written to meet your needs.
  • We do not sub-contract to non-English speaking nations.  It is important that your written words, be they articles, blogs, website text or even the script of a sales video be written in the language for which they are intended.  No offense is meant to anyone, but an Indian writer who may or may not speak English well will not be able to master the subtleties of our language that make the difference.
  • We do not offer cut-rates.  Our pricing is fair, but it’s also realistic.  We include time for research, analysis, writing and editing.  The content we create for you will last potentially forever, and its goal is to generate interest and revenue.  It’s worth taking the time to do it right and make it as effective as possible. That's what defines a professional copywriter.
  • We don’t cut corners.   We take a great deal of pride in our work.  It certainly reflects on us.  Beyond that, we truly are concerned that what we produce for you will be effective.  Your success is ours as well.

Some of Our Valued Professional Copywriting & Marketing clients

Orders2me SAS
Visit Orders2me SAS

A Full-service online ordering system for local restaurants. Very well considered and powerful for their clients. Combines web and mobile ordering systems as well as built in marketing tool

Services we have provided:

Wrote all website content and additional content forthcoming. Consulted on SEO, marketing and other topics to help them launch.

"I really appreciate Scott's help. We went well beyond just talking about the writing. We did some great brainstorming and he really has a great deal of knowledge on sales and marketing." --Rafi Cohen

Phone: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Website: http://www.orders2.em/

4E Media
Visit 4E Media

A powerful and very experienced multi-media development firm. With decades of experience, this company turns out top quality websites, graphics design, 3D and motion graphics, as ell as fantastic video production.

Services we have provided:

4e is one of our valued development partners. They provide our design and development services and we provide them with online and off-line marketing strategy, active postings, copy writing and we have a great working relationship.

"Scott is not only a business associate, he's a friend. We have worked together for many years and they have been enjoyable and profitable. It's nice to have someone to not only work with, but help me and my clients out as well."
-- Eugenio Ribeiro

Phone: (407) 226-0222

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